Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Nutritional Tips Against Hypertension

      Good eating habits are essential! How to reduce the salt? Should we eat low fat? Butter or margarine, should you choose? Here are 10 tips you need to consider.

Food is essential to the problems of hypertension. Here are some tips unavoidable.

1. Alcohol is not cool

    It is essential to reduce the consumption of alcohol: not more than two to three glasses of wine per day for men, and two glasses for women.

2. The kilos point would be too

    Overweight is the enemy of your heart and your arteries. Accumulate excess fat and hypertension should be avoided completely. Rebalance your diet is essential in cases of overweight.

3. Salt: the final battle

Of course, your doctor has warned against excess salt. We need to consume less than 6 grams per day in case of hypertension. Of course, it starts by removing the salt shaker at the table. But we must also avoid certain foods too high in sodium: meats, prepared meals, and some canned cheese (Roquefort, feta or blue auvergne particular). Beware also of salt in breakfast cereals and sweet biscuits.

4. Margarine is best

It is essential to avoid saturated fats as much as possible when there is tension. This includes up to replace animal fats with vegetable fats. Exit butter, margarine hello!

5. No Fats

Also to avoid saturated fat, you must choose lean meats instead. Avoid beef, pork and mutton, like fish and poultry (without skin).

6. The number is complete!

In all carbohydrates you take, choose the maximum grains. This will help to increase the fiber content of your diet.

7. A full steam ahead!

It is essential to choose the means of the lower-fat cooking, and those that preserve the nutritional quality of food. So, opt for cooking steam, grill or foil and avoid fried foods.

8. That will work!

Physical activity is essential, even moderate. A half-hour of brisk walking a day, cycling, swimming are all ways of moving without much force.

9. Fruit undefended!

It must be remembered, fruits and vegetables are allies health. We must therefore eat enough every day, especially in cases of hypertension. Bet including fruit, that give you potassium: this is a friend of your tension.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tips for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic that affects more people today. Do not panic in the diagnosis of diabetes. This is bad. This can be devastating at first. Fortunately, diabetes is a manageable situation. By following some simple steps you can maintain control of your diabetes and still live a healthy life you deserve. Here are some tips on how to successfully manage diabetes:

Learn more about your diabetes - Knowledge of the disease will help you do good and avoid what is bad for the disorder.

Planning a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced meal plan plays an important role in controlling your diabetes. It makes you feel better and help reduce the risk of serious complications. A balanced diet includes a variety of foods from each group of grain products, vegetables and fruits, dairy products and meat and alternatives to keep your blood sugar levels to normal. Choose foods low in fat and foods with low glycemic index. Avoid foods high in fat and foods with high glycemic index.

Keep your weight in a healthy range, shed pounds if you are overweight, especially if you have type 2 diabetes - The maintenance of normal weight and good health will help your body's ability to insulin properly and keep your blood sugar in normal levels. Try to keep your body mass index (BMI) at 18.5 to 24.9 You can calculate your BMI using the following formula:

Metric Formula
BMI = weight in kg / (height in meters x height in meters)

French Formula

BMI = weight in kg / (height in cm x height in cm) x 703

Try to be physically active
20-30 minutes exercise on a daily basis will be very useful. The exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of heart disease and losing a few pounds to keep the weight at a normal level. However, some complications of diabetes are more likely to make some forms of exercise program is right for you. Activities such as weightlifting, jogging, or high-impact aerobics may be a little dangerous for people with diabetes because of the risk to the blood vessels. Consult your doctor before starting. Make a plan. Start slowly and gently. Slowly your way to work.

Monitor how your diet and / or treatment (if any) on the levels of glucose in your blood - using a glucometer to monitor your blood to see if they are affected by your meal plan and / or treatment. Maintaining your blood glucose and log review to see if there are important reasons

The taking medication and / or insulin as determined by your doctor - for various types of diabetes should drugs in May and / or insulin to help the body to produce or use insulin more effectively .

Start following these simple tips and management of diabetes today. You can also live a healthy life you deserve.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Reverse Your Diabetes - 5 Tips for Successful Reverse

     How to reverse diabetes is the main problem with everyone who suffers from a severe disorder of the body mechanism. Although diabetes is not a disease, it can not be ignored. Once you have symptoms of diabetes, your efforts to reverse and control your diabetes requires knowledge and education. The sugar in the blood are the complications of heart disease, kidney problems, loss of vision, back pain, nerve damage, strokes and amputation. Is it possible that you can reverse these complications? The answer is "There certainly is a way to reverse the same."

    However, more than bad news, good news for you is that the illness or disease is completely curable and can be reversed with the huge improvement evident in as little as two weeks. You can easily turn a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing complications. It is not necessary for the magic diet pills or Peculiar controlled diabetic. You need exercise as well as drugs and cope with stress. 5 success following the tips listed here, you can manage and refine cancel the symptoms of diabetes and, if followed correctly, you can reverse your diabetes.

Eating habits:

    The whole instrument is in your hands to develop a plan of nutrition in the food you have to limit the absorption of carbohydrates in your meals throughout the day. It should be expected that the total for four or five years, the space-time should be regularly dug 3 to 4 hours to reverse swing in the blood glucose. The total intake of carbohydrates for one day in May safety limited to 150 grams. Also, it is good to eat more fiber such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain bread that sensitive bite slowly. Be sure to consume unsaturated fats with a snack or a lean protein such as fruit, low fat cheese and yogurt with nuts.


    Make a point to devote sufficient time for exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Normally, the renewal of the pancreas for the effective performance of work and care of insulin resistance. The exercises should not be strong and vertically to caution that they will lead to hypoglycemia. The exercises are not stressed, but to build muscles to improve metabolism and efficient functioning of the internal organs to reverse glucose.

Blood sugar control:

    Whatever you follow the steps to reverse your level of sugar, periodic monitoring of the same will help you to increase or decrease or change your diet and habits of major importance. Taking regular HbA1c test will assess your blood sugar average over the past three months.

Visit your doctor:

    If you are sure to follow the advice above, you will probably be three to reverse it and keep it out of your complications of diabetes. May you feel good about your health improves. If at all that you have a little doubt or to find a little embarrassing May you see your doctor to change it in May and adjust your diabetes medications, exercise and diet plan ground.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dental Polishers and Bleaching of Teeth

     Perfect dental health is a task of the dentist, he or she deals with the beautification of the teeth.

It may be:

Replacing old fillings

    The introduction of changes to the form. This is done with composite or d.m.v. porcelain crowns. Changing the position of the teeth as a bracket is not wanted can using composite often something to be done. The change of color. Using a composite of the teeth are dead and teeth bleaching.

Discoloration of the teeth

    As one grows older, the teeth due to wear, use of coffee, tea, wine, carbonated soft drinks, antibiotics and less white smoke slowly. Attack by coffee and tea is no discoloration of the teeth but more attack caused by them can be removed.

    There are toothpastes which showed some or abrasive in it, it works somewhat, but not sensational. Wil your teeth a few shades you were one of the following methods to choose.

Different ways of teeth bleaching

    There have been (in the Netherlands have not much) do-it-yourself products for sale. These products may have some work, but because the fit of the gebitjes is not perfect, is the gel, and often the result is not due. They are expensive, although cheaper than a professional treatment and you are not sure of the result.

    You can also appeared at the dentist late. This makes a plaster impression of the teeth. This is imitation of plastic with some room for bleekgel. If treatment is carried out by the dentist is often made use of a special lamp.

    You can also bleekgel get back home. You must then at home gebitje gel with a few hours per day for 10-14 days entail.

    You can also be treated in a clinic showed. Costs for treatment may be diffrent and takes one hour to one and a half hours and can be applied to a healthy teeth without holes. The treatment is painless and is done through a combination of hydrogen peroxide and light. After the treatment, your teeth white for 2-3 years.

    After the treatment showed there may be a sensitivity of the teeth or sensitive gums. This is temporary.

Long-term effects

    Over the long term is still not much known. Some are not convinced of the safety of the contact of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth as this for such a short period takes place. Others speak of the poreuzer of the glaze creating new discoloration more likely to occur.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold and Skin Care

     It is cold outside, inside, the heat. Both factors make the skin extra moisture loss. Moisture that is precisely to ensure that the skin smooth and healthy. Dry skin is more sensitive to irritation and looks less good. The dull skin, wrinkles appear deeper and cracks, gaps and red spots can arise.

Sensitive areas

    Those parts of the skin with little sebaceous glands are more sensitive to cold. For example, the skin on knees and elbows very difficult moisture retention. The skin of the lower legs are naturally dry. The lips contain sebaceous glands and are therefore protected from the worst cold. The thin skin around the eyes may also use some extra protection.

Even more prone to dry skin?

    A dry skin may partly be hereditary. Like the aging skin drier by change in hormone levels, there is not much to do. The skin needs extra protection.

    Where you have influence on things like: taking long showers or baths. It may seem attractive and caring for dry skin, but it is certainly not. Smoking gives negative influences from the inside, but the smoke itself dries out the skin.


    Clothing is a good protection against the cold. However, abrasive clothing also extra dry skin. Choose soft, natural materials, in which the skin can still breathe.

Winter Care

    Winter is the time for your skin what to adjust.


    The cleaning of the skin remains important. Choose products that are soft to the skin. Preferably without alcohol.

    Keep bath and shower limited to five to ten minutes and do not use hot but lukewarm water. Do not use soap and badschuim fat because they escape to the skin, but choose a waxen.

Hydrating creams

    Use at least twice a day moisturizing cream. The dryer your skin is, the thicker the cream may be. The oily skin has more moisture, but this need not be fat creams. Include in the winter a product with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15.


    If you go beyond covering the skin as possible. Give your lips a good protection. Is your clothing damp or wet, keep it no longer walk.

True winter products

    Products that are particularly suitable for winter care of your skin and lips and also very affordable, are Shea butter and petroleum jelly.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips to Prevent Hypertension

    A few simple tips can help prevent high blood pressure. Having a healthy lifestyle can make a few points to lower blood pressure. This simple post with simple actions helps you to prevent hypertension.

    To prevent hypertension, attitudes few simple steps can be put in place in your everyday life.

    Lose weight: A weight loss of 3 to 4 pounds over 18 months to lower systolic blood pressure (the highest) to 6 points on average and reduced by nearly 46% of the risk of hypertension.

    Moving Perform regular physical activity - 20 minutes 3 times a week - reduced by an average of 4 points in systolic blood pressure and helps to keep blood pressure.

    Reduce consumption of alcohol is limited to 2 glasses of wine per day reduced systolic blood pressure 4 points on average. In some people, the gain can be even more important and act positively on hypertension.

      By respecting these principles, you can remove the risk of apparaition of hypertension. And in addition to high blood pressure, you will thus prevent many other diseases by adopting a better lifestyle.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Causes Diabetes and how to Prevent

Normal blood glucose:

    There is a normal blood components, in particular sugar in the blood of a healthy body. It would be better if your blood sugar level in the range 72 to 140 mg / dl. If it is not within the limits, then you are suspected of diabetes. This is not a standard measure of all diabetics, but with changes in age, weight, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. If you know the causes of diabetes and prevention tips, you can be sure to keep the health standard. First you must know the normal level of sugar.

           Before meal (mg / dl)                                  After meal (mg / dl)

Ideal                    70-100                        -                         Up to 140
Fair                    100-120                       -                                    180
Poor                   120-140                       -                             180-220
Bad                    140-150                       -                             220-250
Risk                   150-160                       -                              250-300
Danger    More than 160                      -                   More than 300

    It should be noted that, in fasting, under 70 is too low and above 160 is too high, with serious symptoms should be identified and the causes diagnosed.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

    One may have one or more symptoms, and they vary from one person to another, depending on the level of the diet. The most common symptoms of diabetes, such as fatigue, heavy heart, back pain, neck pain, bronchitis, dark eyes, infection, pain in the frozen shoulder, numbness of fingers, frequent urination, weight loss and insomnia. In this context, we know the causes of diabetes and prevention tips.

Causes of high blood sugar

1. Sudden changes in the diet for diabetics by mistake
2. No emotional stress
3. Missed dose of insulin or diabetes tablets
4. Taking heavy eating carbs
5. Inactivity due to laziness especially during day
6. Wrong medicines prescribed by doctors inexperienced
7. Insufficient insulin secretion

Causes of low blood sugar

1. The lack of food or at the end of the meal to take tablets or insulin injection
2. Insufficient raw carbohydrates and insulin dose
3. Too much insulin or diabetes tablets
4. If the tablets or insulin, during exercise and low carb diet
5. Over the dose of alcohol or without alcohol easily digestible food
6. Adding no salt in food
7. Full avoid fat foods or take very low-fat items.

Tips for preventing diabetes

Aerobic exercise have shown significant benefits increasing sensitivity to insulin. For information about diabetes is an option, knowing that the advice to the control of diabetes is emphasized.

1. Monitor Test sugar before and after exercise.
2. Snack before exercise
3. Take juice and snacks during exercise
5. Highly impact exercise should be avoided
6. A good shoe
7. Diabetes food for more vegetables.

Lifestyle decide the fate

    Foods rich in fiber and low fat food high in materials and a small piece of sweet pudding or fruit are recommended for the control and maintenance of the normal level of blood sugar. In short, decide the fate of people with diabetes if we acquire an understanding of the causes of diabetes and advice for the prevention of diabetes and foods to avoid.